May 1, 2021

50 days to go until the 100 Gods of Egypt manuscript is due. Not at all pleased with my pace or what I’ve been working on, but I’m also in the get it written then get it right” camp. So writing happens even if I end up redlining most of it at some point. It is gratifying, and even fun, to revisit these topics after years not being able to spend as much time with them because my work carried me in other directions that were needed. It’s also hard sometimes to find that balance between loving everything about one’s work and loving nothing about it. If I could just sit at the desk and write for the rest of my life that would be amazing, but my life is not currently in such a place where that could even happen.

I’ve gotten my two vaccines as of last week. Side effects were significant, but not impossible, and I am grateful to be in the done for now” space, though I expect we’ll be back for boosters soon enough. The pandemic continues to be terrifying, though, and as my state just entered lockdown again to try to control the variants on the rampage, I’m still home alone for now. At this point I can say I am thoroughly sick of my own company, and that’s coming from someone who enjoys being alone.

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