February 29, 2020

A new project has appeared, involving a television script. I’ve never worked on a TV script before, so this is both daunting (hello new format!) and exciting (hello, new format!). Deadlines are tight, even tighter than print media can be, so that’s also high on the daunting scale. But on the exciting scale, I’ll get to see the final results in a short period of time. Still waiting to hear from the publisher on Big Project. Not sure what the holdup is, but traditional publishing has always moved at the speed of never. Otherwise debating if I can afford to go to a conference I’m really looking forward to in April. Someday, I hope that I can at least offset these costs with income created by writing. Sadly that day isn’t yet.

In other news the crows who visit my yard daily have started leaving me gifts. This week it was an iridescent piece of glass, laid reverently in front of a stone frog sitting in the middle of the garden box. It now rests on the frog’s head, as it didn’t seem right to take it from where they put it for some reason. Perhaps the crows know something I don’t.

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