January 6, 2020

Another Gregorian year comes to pass. Halfway through my personal year 50, and just on the other side of treatment. Looking forward to a day of no side effects and hopefully some time very soon. Jet lag and chemotherapy two days after I got back from the UK, plus a cold I brought home with me, made December far more of a struggle than I had expected it to be. For almost a week I didn’t do much of anything besides sleep and drink water, and I’m still trying to get my legs back underneath me after all that.

2020 is shaping up in a good way with projects. Waiting to hear about one project that went into limbo once I started treatment. My Patreons are being revamped with new content and more reasonable/appropriate tier structures. I will be speaking at the International Coptic Congress in Brussels in July, my first lecture as a Ph.D. I’ve been asked in the last few months to appear on several podcasts, which I had put off due to just not feeling well/needing to conserve what energy I did have, but am hopeful to be able to make those appearances. Starting in April I will be doing some traveling for teaching. I’m balancing things better, making sure that I do not forget myself on my internal priority list, and settling into life-after-grad-school. While I am a work in progress, it’s also fair to say I’ve always been a work in progress, and we all are, as long as we live. Here’s hoping this year brings good work.

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Tomorrow afternoon is my third and final chemotherapy treatment. Grateful to be at the point where it will be recovery versus continued suffering
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For the third day in a row, I’ve been stood up for appointments that people made with me. Stress seems baked in for everyone from the governmental