Happy 2019. January 3, 2019
Successfully defended my dissertation Friday morning (30 November) in Southern California. December 1, 2018
The dissertation is turned in. November 10, 2018
My dissertation deadline was extended. October 3, 2018
“For the ‘Romans,’ it didn’t matter much whether the lions were eating a robber or a bishop, and it probably didn’t make much of a difference to the lions, but the robber’s friends and the bishop’s friends told different stories about those leonine meals. September 16, 2018
I’ve been through twelve centuries of history and at least six languages of material over the last 48 hours. August 28, 2018
Made it through mid-July and the beginning of August, the roughest weeks of every year for me, for a few years running now. August 9, 2018
A few minutes before midnight on July 19, I started year 49 of my sojourn on this side of the sunrise. July 23, 2018
“Data is the sword of the twenty-first century, those who wield it well, the samurai. July 8, 2018