January 22, 2020

For the third day in a row, I’ve been stood up for appointments that people made with me. Stress seems baked in for everyone from the governmental level on down this week. Doing my best to ride the waves and get to my own shore.

Experimenting with a new kind of journaling (written, in a book) that might help me make this microblog do what I’d originally intended it for. I wanted it to be short and reflective of a current day of events, versus sweeping summaries of private life. Watch this space.

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Another Gregorian year comes to pass. Halfway through my personal year 50, and just on the other side of treatment. Looking forward to a day of no
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Middle of a set of three 12-hour days. Many things going on, some very good and I cannot wait to share them. The weather is wreaking havoc on my