May 10, 2023

Friday the gallbladder left the body. Due to a pharmacy short staffing I was unable to get any of the medication the surgeon suggested would help me through the pain of the first few days and spent the weekend with over the counter Tylenol and a lot of praying that I wouldn’t have to go back to the hospital. Seem to have made it through only slightly worse for wear and with five rather alarming-looking holes jutting out of various parts of my midsection. This is the first time I’ve ever had a surgery where they used glue instead of stitches and I have no idea how gentle to be, so I am opting for Very Gentle. Several days with nothing to do but sleep and think have given me plenty of time to ponder ongoing health changes. Am hopeful to be more mobile soon, or, at very least, to be able to sleep for more than a few minutes before I am too uncomfortable in any one position. Grateful I was able to get the edits back to the publisher for the encyclopedia before I had to shut everything down, too. Surgery was supposed to be in June but they moved me up. Now just learning to roll with the unexpected.

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More bookends. After another review the conclusion is that I have gallstones, so that will have to be resolved in the near future. Ouch. On the plus
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