March 27, 2020

I agreed to be interviewed for a podcast in a few hours. Suddenly very nervous and not quite sure why. I have the questions ahead of time and none are too difficult. Hopefully I’ll be able to calm the stage fright before it’s time to go on the record. I do wish that we weren’t meeting at such an early hour, though. Despite all my intentions I am still not at all a morning person, and I prefer to do my thinking after I’ve been awake a bit.

In other news, several projects are moving forward despite the general slowdown/stop of the world in general due to our new and not very nice friend, the novel coronavirus. Just as I thought chemotherapy solitude was ending…now everybody else is joining me in self-isolation. Get some rest, regroup around what’s really important to you, and please stay healthy.

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The Big Project has a tentative name. We’re calling it 100 Gods of Egypt for now, and it is an encyclopedia of, well, gods of Egypt. I’ll be posting