March 15, 2020

I had a clever idea for a post and by the time I got a chance to type it, it’s gone. Brain is moving faster than the rest of my self, so I’m exercising an attempt to bring them to parity. Slow the brain, keep the body moving, continue to live despite the uncertainty we’re forced to sit with.

It is very quiet here, despite my location a few blocks shy of the geographical center of my city. The church across the street has a new sign - REOPENING MARCH 28 - and not a single vehicle in the lot or taking up our street space. While I welcome not having to be concerned about where to put my car for a couple weeks, I can’t say the reason brings any happiness.

I expect Portland should’ve closed for business last week or the week before, given our proximity to Seattle. Will people choose to understand this as snow days without snow - time to relax, regroup, spend time doing things we say we never have time for? Or will we opt for the plaguescape apocalypse? That it’s hard to know right now is also unsettling.

The only way out is through.

Heard back on Big Project - contract is happening and I’ve had preliminary contact with other people who are involved, so far quite positive. At least writing is something I can do from home. I have to venture out tomorrow for prescriptions and groceries, as I’ve put it off as long as I can, but I am hopeful to make that a short trip with little interaction. Thursday’s doctor appointment was serious: she doesn’t want me interacting with strangers if I can help it until at least May.” All trips are canceled and re-isolation, just as I was hoping to exit that after chemo, now begins.

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