April 17, 2020

It’s only been two weeks since my last post, then? If we’d never had the sense of time being different before the pandemic, surely we’re face to face with it now. Short bursts of forward motion and a great deal of treading water, with the accompanied exhaustion, have been my norm. I expect that’s not unique to me.

About the only new thing that has surfaced is that I’ve received more compliments from family members who didn’t understand what I do online for work. Now that they’re forced to do most of their work in the internet as well, they’re understanding that it isn’t easy, and that working from home doesn’t mean five minutes on a video call, a handful of emails, and the rest of the day eating snacks in your pajamas.

Spring continues to come. The weather has been steadily warming, the dogwood outside my window has begun to show its flowers - and my allergies, alas - and time and life continue. May we all get to the place where we feel like we can enjoy it again soon, and may as many of us as possible get to do that.

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