June 23, 2020

It’s Tuesday. two counseling sessions, five divination sessions (with or without additional counseling), a class to teach, homework to read and grade, and a ton of email to catch up on. Super hot outside so I’m trying to stay ahead of it with the portable air conditioner. So far I haven’t melted into a puddle. It’s supposed to be more like Portland June by the weekend. Will I survive? Will all of us survive? Signs of the world reopening are more obvious: boarded up shops are opening, more people are on the street. It still feels too early and I’m going to stay home until my doctor’s appointment on the 2nd, when we finally work on finding out how the chemo did.

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Today’s schedule four appointments (two Discord, two Zoom) editing for Coptic Encyclopedia grading Patreon homework scheduling the rest of the
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Still hot, still busy. Internet went out Wednesday and I ended up having to reschedule four meetings. Thankfully everyone was gracious about it. New