February 19, 2023

It seems to be that time of year for me to do a bunch of medical tests to find out what’s wrong since we can’t seem to figure it out from the tests we already did. I have a CT scan tomorrow, and follow up will depend on what is seen. The best possible answer is something awful, and I find myself in a weird place for the first time in my life where I’m wishing for that best possible awful because the other awfuls are, well, much more awful. 2023, so far, is just upping the ante on the things trying to kill me since late 2019, and, well, it can cut that out any day now.

It’s also an unpleasant anniversary. I lost Zigzag a year ago today, and that well and truly sucks. Seamus is an amazing ball of love and destruction and I am grateful we’ll be celebrating our first year together in a couple of weeks. However, I still miss Zig.

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