June 16, 2020

Sitting in an online class to learn how to use Discord in a better way for my Patreon. Learning how accustomed I’ve become to multitasking as I keep getting distracted from just paying attention to the class. Once upon a time I had the opposite problem - where I’d get so engrossed in a single thing that I’d lose track of the existence of anything else until it was done.

Technology continues to reshape the way we think and situate ourselves in the world, and largely does so without either our knowledge…or our objections. The only way this stops is deliberate effort. Time to put that into action and pay attention to this class alone…

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As I post, every few minutes or so, a flashbang grenade or a round of teargas canister explosions goes off, and there are helicopters and sirens.
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Conversations about work started before I was even out of bed this morning. A full 10 hours of scheduled events follow for today, tomorrow, and