June 7, 2019

So, the box garden is surviving for the most part. Something ate the leaves off the gerbera, and now it seems to be dying. I’m assuming some kind of insect, as it began as holes in the leaves and then entire parts of the plant gone or dried up. It’s spread to the dahlia, which has a few chewed leaves but is mostly intact. Sadly it hasn’t flowered again after the first time. The petunias are staging a box takeover, which I expected once I relented to include them. Every bloom on the anemone plants is a different color and it’s become fun to guess what will pop up next. They don’t seem to be being eaten, but then they also don’t have the same kinds of leaves as the gerbera or the dahlia.

The mystery plant at the center of the box has proven to be a slip of the laurel bush next to the box. I may have to move it before it gets much larger, but right now it is green and beautiful. Speaking of the bushes, I discovered that a pinwheel (yes, a plastic child’s toy) that I had placed in the garden box after moving in last November is now stuck inside one of the andromeda bushes somehow. I can barely see it, even if I’m looking for it, and it’s completely invisible from within the yard. Considering I installed it intentionally as a yard sentry…it’s doing an even better job from its new location. Nicely played, pinwheel.

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