June 25, 2020

Still hot, still busy. Internet went out Wednesday and I ended up having to reschedule four meetings. Thankfully everyone was gracious about it. New tiers for the Vodou related Patreon have gone live and I’m thrilled about them, because they allow me to budget time for some fun projects. I’ve learned that working on a manuscript is more difficult if it’s the only thing I’m beating on, and having something completely different to spin my brain around every few days is helpful and recharging. Good feedback from Kickstarter backers on how to convey the ongoing process to them as well.

I get to spend more time writing than doing busywork for a while again. This is very exciting to me.

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It’s Tuesday. two counseling sessions, five divination sessions (with or without additional counseling), a class to teach, homework to read and
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This morning, I failed my medical tests so badly that the doctor stopped after the first two and told me to come back and try again next month.