February 16, 2020

The sun appears occasionally, in the midst of rain we should’ve been getting all of December but didn’t. People are starting to complain about the gloom, but I don’t mind it much. Waiting for spring, and waiting is the default mode of this February. Waiting on a book contract so I can announce the project. Waiting on postdoc funding applications, so I can afford to allot time to get the dissertation published. Waiting on PayPal to release $300 it’s holding due to duplicate transactions, which is aggravating because that was already allocated to bills and groceries - and now I have to wait on those. Too much waiting and not enough movement.

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The anemones have started to bloom in the garden box. They weren’t supposed to last another year, but I expect the lack of winter has them thinking
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A new project has appeared, involving a television script. I’ve never worked on a TV script before, so this is both daunting (hello new format!) and