January 4, 2023

Today marked the end of the significant changes my editor asked for on the encyclopedia. All that’s left now is to clean up all the small bits, like making sure certain words are italicized and others aren’t, double checking an appendix, inserting the foreword, etc.

I started this project with a Kickstarter five years ago this month. It does not feel like it’s been that long - probably at least a little bit because it’s been March 2020 for shy of three years now - but still. The work has been going directly for five years now, and indirectly for much longer as it is essentially based on everything I’ve been studying for about 35 years.

There’s a little bit of fear about this book coming into the world. Part of me wonders if there’ll be anything left of me once I finally get it all out there, but I’ve had some variation on that feeling with every book I’ve written. I suppose it’s just bigger with this one since the work is bigger, and touches so much of my history for so long.

At the same time I am incredibly excited. I cannot wait for you to see it.

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