May 31, 2022

Yesterday I moved furniture (gently!) so I can install the portable air conditioner in the office. Seamus, my new feline companion who arrived in March after Zigzag left me in February, is absolutely livid that the room layout has changed. He has spent most of the afternoon running around the house at full speed meowing about how wrong it is. I have no idea if it’s making him feel better, but can’t say I’ve not considered doing the same thing around all the wrongness in the larger world right now.

Today I managed an early breakfast meeting followed by a day full of appointments and catching up on work. I’m hopeful it can continue in this direction though I’m also trying not to get ahead of myself. It can be easy to work hard when I feel well and then get discouraged if I don’t feel well enough to keep that pace the next day. Grateful for the things that go right so I’m not also just running around screaming.

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I posted a snippet of a story related to June 7 on my Patreon this afternoon. My intention was to share a meaningful event as part of my writing